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Royal Nature is a young innovative and creative company established by chemistry experts & marine biologists who researched for many years the absolute and most necessary needs for the reef aquarium environment.
By using pure and natural evaporated elements from the Red Sea as well as the Dead Sea, Royal Nature salts provide the ability to maintain fish and the most delicate corals in the most easy and correct way for both experts and beginners. Our pure natural additives for macro and micro elements together with our natural algae control system, accurate test kits, digital lab, natural rocks and coloration booster, complete everything you may need to get the best reef keeping results ever.

The constant need for pure and balanced products that help and support the user in creating the most natural enclosed marine environment, inspired and drove us into developing our leading product – Ion Balanced Pro salt.

A unique salt formula using both: practical experience and theoretical studies. Ion Balanced Pro (the younger brother of our basic salt – Royal Premium Tropical Sea Salt) brings you the best results and latest research, based on our own experience and users feedback received over the last few years. Furthermore, because the evaporated salt is freshly harvested directly from the Red Sea, it contains Probiotic advantages of live bacteria accompanied with all of our salts.  


With the help of some of the most highly skilled chemists, we achieved 3 main goals:

  1. The ultimate reef and marine salt with the best possible performance of salinity and every basic macro and micro element levels.

  2. Providing the absolute highest quality product and customer service.

  3. Developing and producing a complete line of products that will make the maintenance of your reef tank easy, cheap, accurate and most importantly – successful.

    1. Evaporated salts from the Red Sea

    2. Marine water test kits

    3. Fresh water test kits

    4. RoyaLab – your private expert lab

    5. Nutrients and algae control

    6. Cultured Reef Rock

    7. Royal Coloration Booster

    8. Reef care System

Our commitment and our highest priority are making sure our loyal customers say: ROYAL NATURE – A NAME YOU CAN TRUST.



Simply Balanced Nature’s best!!!

One of our basic rules is – quality. To achieve it, all of our processes are based of small batches to ensure homogeneity and consistency of the natural salt. All ingredients are precisely measured then blended in a dry and clean environment in the highest standards of quality control.

Our thumb roll is the ionic balance of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium bicarbonate. It is well known that the relationship between calcium, magnesium and alkalinity is crucial and a balanced ratio of these components will increase coral growth. Our unique Trade Mark formula, which was developed over a 2 year period, is a unique buffering system and pH levels that have been adapted to accommodate the addition of calcium and magnesium to our basic Red Sea harvested Sodium Chloride ingredient, without any sedimentation, precipitation or cloudy water effect that sometimes appears whenever you have a wrong chemical ionic balance.


There is no need to discuss the advantages of freshly evaporated natural Sodium Chloride harvested straight from the Red Sea over any other synthetic product. Salt production isn’t just simple chemistry. Our ability to achieve the perfect balance in the ultimate mixture is a game changer compared to other alternatives.


The 2 kinds of different salts we have allow you to choose between the good old Royal Premium Tropical salt that will maintain marine fish and soft/hard corals, or our new and already known as the Expert’s Choice - Ion Balanced Pro Salt that gives the best solution to the most delicate corals in any dense SPS tank that requires special care.


Ion Balanced Pro will give you:

1. Better salinity than any other competitive salts
2. Perfectly balanced ionic chemicals
3. The best homogeneity and consistency
4. Faster dissolve
5. Smaller grain sizes
6. More micro elements
7. Slightly higher levels of macro elements
8. Less content of water molecules

ROYAL NATURE SALTS contains NO AMMONIA, NITRATES or PHOSPHATES and is the most "TROPIC NATURE" natural sea salt in the market.

our chemistry


"I was amazed by the sight that was presented to me in the waters of Le Mourillon – rocks covered in green. Brown and silver forests of seaweed and fish, some of which I’ve never seen, that danced in the crystalline water. I found myself in a jungle that had never been seen by those that sail over its opaque roof " 

(Jacques Cousteau 1936)


Long ago, it was a dream to be part of the tropical nature without using breathing equipment. Today it’s a dream come true. The modern reef aquarium brings home the tropical reef wild life from the Red Sea, the Maldives, the Caribbean and Indonesia. 
You have the true sense and richness of tropical life in your own home. Beautiful stony corals, soft corals, Gorgonians, brain corals – divide your tank space into small spaces in which multicolored fish swim throughout their territory.

The complicated structures are created by the polyps on the calcareous skeletons, the architects of this underwater empire. Together, the colored Zooxanthella, tentacles and sea anemones create a mosaic in which each one is a perfect formation, a surprising colorful fragment that fits perfectly alongside its neighbors to form a wonderful and indescribable pattern.

In order to keep this mosaic as close as possible to nature you need to use first and foremost the real source of this milieu – NATURAL HARVESTED TROPICAL SEA SALT. Any other salt simply does not have the right composition for tropical corals and fish.


Our source is the Red Sea water, obtained by the evaporation of natural seawater. The principle of the production is the evaporation of water from the brine, which is seawater saturated with salts. The process uses “green” solar energy and has the best chemical elements for the modern reef aquarium. Therefore, we cannot make any compromises related to the source – real tropical sea salt which was evaporated from Red Sea water that contains every macro and micro elements needed for your reef tank.

our philosophy
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