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  • What is the difference between ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT and other brands?
    ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA’s basic ingredient (NACL) is produced by solar energy evaporation from pure tropical natural seawater at the Red Sea. It contains every macro and micro element in the precise proportions found in tropical sea water where your fish and corals come from, and therefore will give them “Home Sweet Home” feeling.
  • Does ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT contain any heavy metals or Nitrates / Phosphates?
    ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT has never contained any metals or Nitrates / Phosphates. We chose the best pharmaceutical salts that, together with our special advanced formula, optimize the macro elements of CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, POTASSIUM as well as ALKALINITY and pH, to meet the most important requirements of reef tanks.
    Both products are harvested from the Red Sea. But ION BALANCED SALT has finer grains and faster solubility. It is more saturated with Ca, Mg, K and contains more Iodine Molybdenum and Boron for SPS. It dissolves faster and has better salinity for each ml of water.
  • What is the right way to mix ROYAL NATURE SALTS with water?
    Always add the salt mix to the water and not the other way around. Have the newly mixed salt water circulate with a strong power head no more than 2-3 hours before use. This allows the carbon dioxide in the aquarium water to reach equilibrium with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which normalizes pH. It also adds oxygen. Mixing more than 2-3 hours may lead to cloudy water or precipitation.
  • When is the mixed salt water ready to be added to the aquarium?
    The resulting salt water is ready to be added to the aquarium when the salt is completely dissolved. The best results are at temperatures of 23º-25ºC / 73º-77ºF. Check PPT levels and add more salt or more water to achieve the precise levels before adding to the tank. In order to get the desired specific gravity of 1.024 or 33.9 PPT, we recommend mixing 1 kg (2.2lb) of ROYAL NATURE PREMIUM TROPICAL SALT with 30 liters (8.0 US gallons) of RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. When using ION BALANCED SALT, in order to get to a specific gravity of 1.0264 = 35.5 PPT we recommend mixing 1 kg of ROYAL NATURE ION BALANCED SALT with 26 liters (6.9 US gallons) of RO water.
  • After dissolving ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT in RO water, the calcium and/or magnesium concentration seems lower than expected. Why?"
    The advanced ROYAL NATURE salt formula was developed after a long and comprehensive research study of the real needs and necessities of the modern reef aquarium. Therefore, it is formulated to provide a solution with the same levels of calcium and magnesium found in natural seawater, assuming you use RO water to dissolve the sea salt. The PPT salinity of NSW is typically 34-35 PPT. When dissolved in RO water at 33-34 PPT or 34-35 in ION BALANCED, ROYAL NATURE SALTS should provide a solution that has 420-440 mg per L calcium ion and 1270-1350 mg per L magnesium ion. If ROYAL NATURE SALTS are dissolved at a lower PPT salinity, then these concentrations (and, in fact, the concentration of every other ion) will be proportionately lower. If this is the case, we strongly recommend to recalibrate your refractometer.
  • My ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT will not dissolve properly. I noticed a cloudy solution with sediment at the bottom of the mixing container. Why?
    The most common cause of poor solubility is moisture. Some of the compounds like Mg and Ca used in sea salts are very hygroscopic. Meaning they readily and quickly draw moisture from their surroundings. If your sea salt has any “clumps” or hardened sections, then this is a sure sign the salt has been exposed to moisture or humid air. Sea salt that has absorbed moisture may dissolve with the addition of aeration. There is no effect on the quality of the salt. The best way to avoid moisture in your sea salt is to re-seal the container immediately after use. Because our salts are naturally produced, from time to time you may find some quartz grains after dissolving. This is normal and has no side effects. Another source of the cloudiness effect might be from mixing the salt water more than needed with water warming up by the power head. None of these effects are harmful to your live animals.
  • While using other brands, I noticed more salt was needed to get the desired specific gravity. Why?"
    All ROYAL NATURE SALTS are using very dry or anhydrous salts. Because of this, our salts are closer to NSW, minimizing water molecules and give you less salt for each liter of water. Thus, they are more balanced and give you better value for your money. In other words when you buy ROYAL NATURE SALTS, you pay less for more pure salt and not for un needed water molecules.
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