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Safe treatment for glass anemones.

  1. To prevent that the active ingredient of Royal Aiptasia Controller will be washed away from the goal - the Aiptasia. Turn off all equipment that circulates water. About 5-10 min after last treatment of Royal Aiptasia Controller, all equipment can be switched on again.
  2. Place the tip on the syringe, shake the bottle well and fill the syringe with Royal Aiptasia Controller fluid.
  3. Approach the glass anemone carefully so it does not retract and inject the Royal Aiptasia Controller fluid slowly into the mouth of the Aiptasia. The Aiptasia will not retract but enclose the fluid with its tentacles. With the curved needle, you can also access aiptasia in inaccessible places.
  4. The Aiptasia will withdraw as soon as it has absorbed sufficient Royal Aiptasia Controller  fluid after which it will dissolve. Sometimes (damaged) large aiptasia return. A second dose is then necessary.
  5. Treat as many anemones as you possibly can with the contents of one syringe. On average 5-7 large Aiptasias can be treated with the content of one syringe. Use maximal 1 ml Royal Aiptasia Controller fluid per 50 liters of aquarium water per day.


It is important to keep the number of Aiptasias in your aquarium at zero, so they cannot multiply and develop into a pest. It will be very difficult and labor intensive to remove them if there are big numbers. Prevention is better than cure, so if you see an Aiptasia, it must be immediately treated. Removing the Aiptasias with tweezers is very difficult because the anemones are very hard to hold on to and will immediately retract when touched. Residues of Royal Aiptasia Controller fluid that come into the water do not need to be removed because they are decomposed in a natural way. After use of the needle and tip thoroughly rinse them with tap water so that there no remains to clog the syringe / needle. Only use to treat Aiptasias in marine aquariums. Store in the original packaging and out of reach of children, between 4 and 32c°. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of the reach of children.


  • A common and unwanted guest in marine aquariums is the Aiptasia, also known as Glass Rose anemones, those anemones, are capable of multiplying rapidly and competing for food and space aggressively. They often hitchhike in reef rock or on coral colonies, waiting for the ideal time to multiply in your aquarium. Despite the difficulty involved with removing Aiptasia, you want to rid your aquarium of the anemones before the Aiptasia population gets out of control.

    Reef safe treatment for Aiptasia is Royal Aiptasia Controller - a special formulated fluid to remove unwanted Aiptasia easily.

    The included applicator helps to administer the fluid precisely without causing damage to other reef inhabitants such as corals and other anemones.
    The Aiptasia absorbs the fluid quickly after which it immediately collapses and dissolves. Read carefully manual instructions before use.


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