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Royal Calcium Chloride Dihydrate CaCl2*2H2O

400 - 450 ppm (desired concentration).

We produce a highly pure Dihydrate Calcium Chloride. Our Calcium Chloride Dihydrate is a perfect solution to increase depleted calcium in the aquarium, encouraging fast grow of coralline algae and SPS corals.  Because of its purity it can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, or food industry. Like all other salts, we make a constant quality monitoring of the products in our own lab.

Note: Available calcium is also largely dependent on the amount of magnesium in the system. In other words, if the amount of available magnesium is depleted by say pink calcifying algae, then the amount of available calcium will drop, due to the development of calcite.

For sale in 1 kg and 4 kg buckets.


Royal Nature specialists, strongly recommend to use Royal Nature analyzer while using Royal Reef Care or Coloration Booster products.


  • Please prepare a canister of 5 liters.

    Dissolve 2 kg of Royal Calcium Chloride dihydrate powder in 4 liter of R/O water and then fill the rest with R/O water. Larger or smaller canisters can also be used, you will simply need to extrapolate the quantities added for each canister.

    Depending on the volume of the tank each solution is now monitored manually in order to determine the actual levels needed. Before adding any solution, you have to determine the actual water values.

    50 ml of this solution in a 500-liter tank.
    Value before dosing = 400 mg of Calcium. After 2-3 hours repeat the test and have found that the Calcium value after the 2nd test is 420 mg of Calcium. In this example 50 ml of this solution increased the Calcium value by 20 mg/liter for a 500-liter tank.

    Now program the dosing pump to add 7 ml of the solution once a day, so 50 ml of the solution will divide over a week.

    In that way you can calculate the loss of Calcium as a result of coral growth and add the amount needed to achieve the required values.

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